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Text and photos by Christine A. Verstraete
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Somewhere at the North Pole, nestled among snowdrifts and patches of white, sits an unassuming brick cottage. This is not just any cottage, however.

Ever wonder where Santa lives? Think you know what he does in preparation for December 25th? For the first time, you're invited for a personal tour of Santa's home. Here's your chance to find out the answer to that question - just what do elves eat anyway? Think you know? Stay tuned for the answer.

Enjoy your tour of Santa's Christmas Cottage.



Come up on the porch, but oops, watch your step! Take care, don't trip on Santa's boots by the door.

Mrs. Claus is a gentle, soft-spoken woman, but sometimes even she has to scold her husband a little. "Nicholas!" she said. "Please, don't track up my clean floor. Did you leave your boots outside?"

He did. And she's been so busy cooking (Elves eat a lot for such little bodies!) that she hasn't had time to check and see just where Santa did leave his boots!



Psst! Quit peeking in the window! Did you hear something?

It sounds like footsteps. Hurry, get back by the door; someone's coming. Now, smile. Why, it's Mrs. Claus!

"Welcome," she says, opening the door. "I'm so glad you've stopped by. Please, come in. Make yourself at home."

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