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DIY Project: Make Your Own Baby Basket
Miniature Project & Photos by Kitty Balke


Workshop Babymandjes - Directions in Dutch (text only).


* Plastic ICE CUBE container
* Lace   * Ribbon   * Fabric for towels-diapers-washcloths, etc.
* Small plastic tubing, pieces of wood dowel or soft wood for baby bottle and baby powder container   * Beads for other bottles
* Printed labels - Samples used baby label print-outs from Boop Minis - (



* Hobby cutting mat
* Craft knife   * Scissors   * Acrylic paints in desired colors   * Paintbrushes
* Hobby glue   * Clear nail polish   * FIMO oven-bake clay


1. Cut out "square" from the ice cube container. Trim with craft knife/scissors to desired height.

2. Paint container desired color. Samples use the standard baby colors, pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Let dry.

3. Glue piece of lace around top edge of basket. Form a ribbon bow and glue centered to front of basket.


1. Fold and glue small pieces of fabric into basket for diapers, towels, clothing, washcloths, etc.

2. Make small bars of soap from pieces of FIMO. Bottles can be made by glueing various beads together.

3. A small piece of plastic tube or piece of dowel can be used to form baby bottle. Print, cut out and glue desired labels to bottle.

4. Cut out baby albums, birth cards or desired items. Varnish with clear nail polish for a glossy finish.

5. Arrange items in basket as desired and glue in place.

Photos/project: (c) 2002/03 K. Balke. Copying okay for personal use.

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